About OK Arts

Welcome to OK Arts! OK as in “One of a Kind”; but also as in “It’s OK to be completely, utterly, unapologetically YOU” — whatever that means.

Let’s face it: we’re all weird, folks. We all have quirks and foibles and kinks — and that’s OK. More than OK — It’s awesome! We need to celebrate the things that make us different, because it’s those differences that make us outstanding. More than that, it’s those things that help us to show others how to love themselves in all their fantastic oddbod glory.

OK Arts is here to do exactly that: to bask in the light of our peculiarities; to fully embrace
our differences in a great big universal squidgy hug; and to poke people gently in the face until they give up and join our wonderful, colourful circus.

Meet the Maker!


Designer-Maker and CEO (Chief Eccentric Oddity)

Laura is based in Birmingham, UK. She enjoys puns, singing, and writing about herself in the third person. When not busy doing any of those things, she loves making things out of clay – primarily chubby animals, sgraffito trinket bowls and dollface pots – and can usually be found in the studio saying something inappropriate.