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Eats, shoots and stays in

Hello, dear friends and fellow oddbods (FYI, I shall be calling you my ‘oddbuds’ from now on – hope you don’t mind!). I hope you’ve had a thoroughly OK week.

Times are tough; we’re all isolated – some more than others – and I’m sure a lot of us are feeling bereft of human connection. I’m a massive introvert, but I still can’t cope with long-term solitude; I need to be able to hear real-life humans chittering their way through life around me, or see real-life humans rolling their eyes when I drop a terrible (brilliant) pun. I guess I need to know that I’m real, that I have an impact on others… You know that age-old question: ‘If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?’ Well, if an oddbud lives in a house and no one is there to see them, do they actually exist? Are they actually alive?

Well THAT got unexpectedly deep and philosophical! Apologies for that! Please don’t start having a profound existential crisis on my account! You ARE real! And you DO matter!

I’m lucky enough to live with other people, so I don’t need to ponder too heavily on that question. This week I’ve been busy taking photos of some of my ceramics, and my sister agreed to be my necklace model.

Note the *extremely professional* setup. Do not note the shoes/soft furnishings/gargantuan collection of wrapping paper. Or my barely brushed Lockdown Hair.

Despite the makeshift ‘studio’ and the complete lack of photography knowledge (or even a proper camera!), I’m really pleased with how the shots have come out. And I’m SO glad I had a willing model – my abnormally short neck isn’t exactly an ideal canvas for a chic neck-based product, and selfies are not exactly my forte!

These necklaces, and a host of others, will be appearing in my shop very soon – so stay tuned!

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