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The Kick Wheel of Dreams

Reader, I married him!

Okay, that’s not true. But only because it’s not currently legal to marry an inanimate object in the UK. Or in any other country, for that matter. But as soon as that changes, I will be putting a (foot) ring on it!

I am, of course (yes, of COURSE!), talking about my new kick wheel. He’s actually a pretty old guy (yup, I’ve decided he is a ‘he’ – mostly because he’s stubborn, takes a while to get going, but does as he’s told in the end) who’s spent the majority of his working life in a secondary school. Sadly, it seems that schools don’t do much pottery any more, so Mr Turny McTurnface (proper name TBC) was about to be unceremoniously evicted. Cue me slipping into my trusty pants-over-tights get-up, and I was ready to swoop in and rescue him, with a bit of help from a few super sidekicks.

So, now that my darling spinny sweetheart is finally with me (in my back garden, until I can make space for him in the house or invest in a shed/studio/giant wooden box in which to home him), let’s take a look at his glorious majesty! (Don’t tell him I’m saying such nice things about him, btw – I don’t want him getting a big head.)

You will note a certain expression on my oddly chipmunk-ish face in the third image – this is the expression of ecstasy laced with the slightly crazed relief of a person who was concerned that the expenditure of energy required to operate a kick wheel would result in certain collapse, swiftly followed by the need for a large injection of cake directly into the face. (Obviously into the face; where else would you inject cake? Let’s not think about that one too deeply…) I’m pleased to assure you that this is not actually my best angle or my most attractive expression. I look MUCH better from a south-easterly position when conveying a sense of ‘I am judging you by your shoes – and your shoes offend me’.

I’ve only thrown one pot on old Kicky McKickerton so far – a lightbulb-shaped number. I wasn’t really planning any specific shape (I just wanted to see if I could throw anything on the lovely oldster!), but it’s got me thinking about future projects. Maybe a lightbulb jar, complete with lid? A lightbulb-shaped tealight holder?

Hmmm… Leave it with me. Or give me your excellent ideas in the comments and I shall STEAL THEM!!! (Hmm. Clearly not destined to be a very good thief… Ah well, back to the drawing board!)

2 thoughts on “The Kick Wheel of Dreams

  1. A match made in heaven – hope you’ll be very happy together. Looking forward to a photo Christmas card with you both on wearing coordinating outfits x

    1. Already working on the Christmas card ‘concept’, haha!

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